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Who Is Dickie Wilkinson?

Dickie Wilkinson is an Artist & Raconteur.
His theatrical demeanour and signature bowtie make him a Willy Wonka of the 21st Century.

Dickie designs stuff that he likes, and he likes cufflinks and men’s accessories.

As a result his collections are always very personal, being inspired by his latest interests yet his work is always a paradox being both retro and modern at the same time. Dickie describes his work as being ‘new classics’.







Recreation & Renewal: White Shirt Display Concept

Cheeky Badges: I like juxtaposing words and images on badges which when worn together can have differing meanings and implacations.

Handprinted Wallpaper for a bachelor pad.


Page from a sketchbook showing inspiration from tree frogs which developed into a range of cufflinks using hand painted enamelling techniques

DRWM for Duchamp. Sterling Silver cufflinks with hand painted enamel.

During the election of 2010 there were some great media images and quotes. This inspired me to produce a range of political badges, all tongue-in-cheek of course!

Xmas Cufflink Display. This project looked at how to display cufflinks in an unusal manner given the scale of the product.

Gothic Motif for T.M. Lewin. This was one of my first designs for them over the years I have designed many of their bestselling cufflinks.


Erotic: Collage on paper, A4.

Master U: Xmas Window (Leather Fetish Shop)

Estate Agents Office I: One of a series of abstract mixed screenprints resulting from doodles found on a notepad in an Estate Agents Office.

Mannequins Birthday. Idea for a Greetings Card.

Hand enamelled keyfob for Winkworth Estate Agents

DRWM for Ted Baker; I was commissioned to design a range of Men's Acessories. This image shows a typical wallet detail using printed and embossed leathers.




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